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Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt to play Deana Martin in new movie

On September 11, 2011, Deana Martin headlined a concert at the House of Blues to benefit Grandparents As Parents while keeping alive her famous father’s legacy.
News Archives International/JEB
Deana Martin’s book, MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THIS, is being made into a movie. The screenplay, written by Bonnie Hunt, will star Jennifer Love Hewitt. Credit: News Archives International

HOLLYWOOD, CA – During her benefit concert at the House of Blues on September 11, singer and book author Deana Martin announced that her 2004 memoir, entitled “Memories Are Made Of This,” is being made into a movie with some celebrated figures hand-picked to help accelerate the project’s long journey to the silver screen.

The book is a 285-page captivating abstract of Hollywood icon Dean Martin’s life, as perceived and witnessed first-hand by the star entertainer’s greatest fan – his devoted daughter.

After taking audience members on an enthralling and visual expedition of some of her best memories growing up with her famous dad, Martin confirmed that singer-turned-actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, 32, is slated to portray the internationally-acclaimed artist in a film adaptation of Martin’s book.

     “I guess they thought I was too old to play myself,” Martin said jokingly.

However, anyone on the receiving end of Martin’s sex appeal and infectious charm may deliver a different opinion.

At age 63, this powerhouse of talent with evergreen beauty and impressive vitality still has what it takes to mesmerize an audience of any measurement of time.

Casting Hewitt (“I Know What You Did Last Summer,” “Party of Five”) in the principal role of Martin was a wise choice, said a show attendee who works in the movie industry.

Like Martin, Hewitt’s astronomical career accomplishments came early in life.

Furthermore, the one picked to portray the daughter who has inherited the mighty genes of one of Hollywood’s sexiest stars must be able to fit the bill physically.

Hewitt apparently does.

Actor, director and producer Bonnie Hunt is currently penning the movie’s screenplay, with Hollywood actor Joe Mantegna scheduled to fill the director’s chair.

Martin was in Los Angeles for a special concert to benefit Grandparents As Parents, a worldwide support organization aimed at providing services for grandparents and other relatives who care for at-risk children. The group is one of several not-for-profit entities Martin supports.

As always, Martin was also on a continued quest to keep alive her father’s music anthology, which includes such hit singles as “Volare,” “That’s Amore” and “Memories Are Made of This.”

During her superlative production at the House of Blues, Martin also paid homage to Bobby Darin, Sammy Davis, Jr. and the man who taught her how to sing – Frank Sinatra.

Martin’s next tribute to the ‘King of Cool,’ and his music will take place on November 23 at the Catalina Jazz Club.

To read what other entertainers are doing to honor the legacies of Dean Martin, the Great American Songbook and those who helped popularize songs made during the Big Band and Swing eras, read this article.

News Archives International

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